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Student On the Street: Decision Day 2022

By Krista Chouang
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

May 1, 2022 was decision day for high school seniors to decide which college they plan to attend in the fall. The Pacific Times asked seniors:

“What college did you choose and why?”

Shazil Mahmood, Senior

“I’m going to UC Merced because they have a really good engineering program and the food is ‘really, really good’.”

Janelle Calma, Senior

“I’m going to UC Irvine because I like LA and it’s closer to Disney and the students and the campus are really nice, and they have a lot of opportunities for me and my major.”

Noble Mahan, Senior

“I’m going to UC Santa Cruz because I really like the campus, it’s in the forest and I like the forest, and because it has a good ecology program, which is my major.”

Kimberly Chouang, Senior

“I’m going to Sac State which I’m slowly getting excited to attend because I was never really set on a college to go to. I’m going because it’s close to home and they have a new public health program that I’m going to be doing.”

Sukhman Singh, Senior

“(I’m going to) UC Santa Cruz because it’s a cool place and it’s good for my major, which is robotics engineering.”

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