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Off-Campus Internships Now Available to Upperclassmen

By Amrit Sahota
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NP3 High students will now be able to participate in looking for an off campus internship.

The program was operating up until the start of the pandemic when it became too hard to operate digitally and with COVID-19 regulations in place.

The two parts to the program include one focused on in-school internship opportunities and another that encourages internships in the community. The in-school internship program is managed by NP3 assistant principal Stacey Asher and the off-campus portion managed by teacher Melissa Ciubal.

The in-school program focuses on students who would like to pursue a career in education or working with children. Students can help at NP3 elementary school.

“Placements include kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade classrooms, PE class, front office, library and MAP (matey after school program),” said Asher in an email. “In these different spaces, high school students are working with elementary students, answering phones, making copies and doing anything else the elementary school might need support on.”

Students may sign up for in-school internships during the scheduling process in the spring. The class is called “NP3 elementary internship.”

Off-campus internships are available to juniors and seniors who can drive themselves to their internship. The students sign up for a period in the class, usually fourth so that they can end the day at their internship.

Students work with their teacher to research local Natomas and Sacramento businesses and organizations related to the career field they are interested in. Once they find several places that interest them, they can reach out and inquire whether an internship is available.

To learn more about these programs, contact Ciubal at [email protected] and Asher at [email protected].

Krista Chouang contributed to this report.

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