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Yearbook Team Seeks Student Submissions

By Wayland Zhu
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3’s yearbook team has created online forms so students can contribute to the 2022-23 yearbook.

“It’s the most important for people to fill out the forms so that students are represented,” says Jack Fedor, a member of the yearbook team.

  • Seniors can submit their baby photos to “Senior Baby Pictures.”
  • People who want to display their artwork or talents can submit their photos and videos to the “Arts and Talents Form.”
  • People who want to vote on superlatives can fill out the “Superlatives Form.”
  • People who want to display their friendship can fill out the “Best Friends Form.”
  • People that want to display their pets can fill out the “Pets Form.”
  • Senior Projects can be submitted onto the “Senior Project Form.”
  • The NP3 community can fill out their celebrated holidays in the “Holiday Form.”

“We haven’t been receiving a lot of responses on the forms,” said Krista Chouang, another member of the Yearbook Team. “It’s been pretty hard getting people to fill them out.”

The link to the Linktree can be found at

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