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VAPA Night Showcases NP3 Student Talent

By Isabella Bravo
Copy-Editor | The Pacific Times

Earlier this month Visual and Performing Arts Night or VAPA Night showcased the artistic skills of NP3 High students through a two-hour long showcase on Dec. 9.

As a part of VAPA Night, NP3’s first annual Literary Journal was available and included in the Literary Journal Open-Mic Night.

The first hour of the event included an art gallery and open-mic in room E-1 and a film viewing in E-3. The art gallery, including paintings and drawings from students with the theme of surrealism, was available for everyone to see as they walked into E-1.

The final two hours included a choir concert in E-1, with the theme of holiday and nostalgia, songs such as We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Carol of the Bells, and Kwanzaa Celebration Arrangement were sung.

VAPA Night included features from the drama, choir, art, and creative writing classes.

Drama and creative writing classes collaborated in order to create short films as a part of the film viewing.

“Essentially we wanted a night to celebrate the arts,” says Melissa Ciubal. Teachers Ciubal, Peter Riehl, Teresa Villaneva, and Heather Higgins coordinated VAPA Night.

Ciubal said she believes it’s important to showcase the arts in some way. She said VAPA classes are special because they are not like other classes.

“(The) VAPA department is unique in the sense that you can really see it,” she said. “It’s meant for performance. It’s meant to be shared.”

Ciubal said she hopes to continue having VAPA Nights in the future and inviting more students to showcase their arts and skills.

Submissions for NP3’s Literary Journal were accepted earlier in the fall term. Submissions included fiction or nonfiction writing, poetry, or lyrics under 1,000 words or art for the cover of the journal.


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