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Juniors Gain Ground in Pirate Points During January First Friday

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

Seniors continue to hold their first place position in the Pirate Point standings with 675 points following the First Friday competition held Jan. 13.

The competition had students in each advisory unscramble letters to form words in.

A large number of advisors communicated the words which they unscrambled with each other over Zoom, while others used a Google Document.

Each advisory then had to send one representative to go meet up in a location and then look for the spot based on the words and all seven representatives from each grade had to be at the spot in order for them to be recorded as finished.

Once at the specific location, the representatives would have their photo taken by a Student Government officer.

The final combination of words led students to Sharon Maccini’s office where Patchy the Pirate was present and photos were taken.

This event was planned as a result of the rain. Some students were interested in another similar challenge to take place for another class competition.

Juniors came in first followed by seniors, freshman and sophomores, which puts juniors in the second spot in the Pirate Point standings with 650 points, followed by freshmen with 600 points and sophomores with 375 points.

The next First Friday competition is planned for Feb. 3.

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