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Student on the Street: Barnes & Noble Closure

By Krista Chouang
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

After the only Barnes & Noble in Natomas shuttered its doors permanently on Jan. 22, The Pacific Times asked:

“How do you feel about the closing of Barnes & Noble?”

Autumn Lor, Junior

“I’m so sad, oh my God I love going to that place, I always go there to study with Bani and Ella. It’s so chill, we don’t have anything else like that in Sac.”

Braeden An, Senior

“I’m actually really sad about it, like I never went to Barnes and Nobles until recently, but I think it’s just really sad, ‘cause Barnes and Nobles has always been there, like since my childhood. I used to go to that area for Old Navy when I was younger and more recently I would go there ‘cause of work and Daiso or Target, and it’s just like Barnes and Nobles is always there so the fact that it’s not there anymore is really sad to me.”

Ella Sy, Junior

“It’s very sad. I miss that I won’t even be able to go to the café anymore. …it held some memories.”

Dishita Rikhi, Junior

“I never went there, so it didn’t really affect me, y’know?”

Julianna Jones, Sophomore

“Sad. I went there a lot with my family, and so it’s sad. Me and my grandma used to go there every Saturday, now we have to find a new place to hang out.”

Amrit Sahota, Freshman

“It closed? I didn’t know, that’s so horrible. Oh my God, this is an outrage. We gotta protest.”

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