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NP3 Elementary Recognized by State

Photo courtesy Councilmember Lisa Kaplan

By Guy Gong
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Elementary School was selected as a 2023 California Distinguished School.

The California Distinguished Schools Program is a state-run award program which highlights schools which demonstrate innovation, talent, and success. The program is meant to celebrate the work of educators across the state.

NP3 High was previously recognized as a California Distinguished School in 2011 and NP3 Middle was recognized as a California Distinguished School in 2021.

The California Distinguished Schools Program recognizes schools that close the achievement gap in English and math and overall academic performance. Additional criteria include low student suspension rates, high attendance and diverse student socioeconomic status.

City councilmember Lisa Kaplan recognized NP3 Elementary during a Sacramento City Council meeting on Jan. 31. Kaplan was elected to city council in November 2022.

“This is basically full circle for me and something I am honored to present as my first action as a city councilwoman,” said Kaplan. “As you know, I spent 20 years as a Natomas school board member and had the opportunity as a board member to authorize NP3 High School coming to Natomas Unified, and then authorizing the expansion to the school and several years ago expansion to an elementary school.”

NP3 Elementary Principal Marcie Dart thanked the community during the meeting.

“Thank you for your continued support and confidence in the school,” said Dart. “It has been a tough few years for you and the students. Your resilience has been inspirational.”

NP3 executive director Sharon Maccini said the Distinguished School designation honors the hard work and dedication of the NP3 Elementary staff, administration, students and families.

“The data shows their success in closing the achievement gap and creating an engaging environment where students are focused on learning,” Maccini explained. “Now all three NP3 schools are recognized by the state as Distinguished Schools and that is really something to be proud of.”

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