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Students See Changes with Free Class Periods

By Leila Pabst
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Free period privileges look a little different than last term.

Last semester, students who were enrolled in a dual enrollment course for either first or fourth period were automatically given free periods on opposite days.

However, this policy changed when some students were not successful in the college-level course.

“We had significantly more students take ARC classes and found some students were struggling in those classes who had to withdraw or didn’t perform as well”, said NP3 High School principal Melissa Mori.

Mori said counselors and ARC facilitators agreed it would be best to make sure students are meeting academic expectations in their classes before releasing them for a free period.

Mori decided to do a grade check at the end of the quarter on Feb. 10. Students in a good standing are allowed the free period.

However, Mori said, “If students’ grades drop, they will be required to stay (in class) both day” to keep students on track.

“It’s better to start with students in class than taking them away,” she explained

Free period for qualifying students officially started on Feb. 10.

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