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NP3 Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Jose Baldera

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

On March 2 NP3 celebrated custodian Jose Balderas’s 50th birthday with decorations in the staff lounge and cafeteria.

Balderas is lead custodian and has worked at NP3 for 11 years.

“He is always polite, willing to come help even if he is up to his eyeballs with other things,” said school staff member Giao Villalobos. “We wanted to let him know how important he is to NP3 and how much we appreciate his hard work and his dedication to our school.”

Decorations celebrating Jose Balderas’s 50th birthday are featured in the staff lounge.

NP3 High staff decorate the staff lounge for Jose Balderas’ 50th birthday.


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