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NP3 Students Participate in CodeWars

NP3 students who participated in CodeWars.

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Eight NP3 High School students last week participated in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s 12th annual CodeWars competition.

The three-hour contest was held March 4 in Roseville.

CodeWars is a contest where students show off their programming skills in order to earn as many points as possible during the three-hour time limit, said Computer Science teacher Donald Lowery. Students ages 13 to 18 years old can participate in CodeWars, he said.

During CodeWars, there are problem sets for each team to solve using a programming language of their choice, said sophomore Wayland Zhu.

“I think (CodeWars is) fun because there are raffle prizes and I get to test my knowledge,” said Zhu, whose team used Python as their programming language.

So far, three teams of three students have entered the competition to represent NP3 High School, according to Lowery. Students are allowed to compete without teammates, but it is not recommended, he said.

NP3’s Red team consisted of juniors Guy Gong and Jireh Owen along with sophomore Arjun Balasa. The Black team consisted of sophomores Alvin Ao, Beecher Henderson, Sarguninder Parmar. The Orange team consisted of Alex Lao, Jugaad Dhaliwal and Wayland Zhu.

“I usually host one or two practice sessions before the actual competition,” said Lowery.

Junior Guy Gong’s team will be coding in C++.

“I am most concerned about the types of questions there are gonna be,” Gong said.

According to Lowery, prizes such as a pair of headphones or a gaming laptop can be earned in a variety of different ways during CodeWars. Prizes can be won through a raffle drawing or by placing high in the competitions.

Top scoring competitors will earn the chance to intern at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“I really liked doing it, and it’s kinda sad it’s over,” said Gong.

Rankings and scores have not yet been officially released.

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