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Student on the Street: Artificial Intelligence

By Guy Gong
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

After recent buzz about the AI ChatGPT, The Pacific Times asked:

“How much do you use Artificial Intelligence in your life and why?”

Justin Gutierrez, Junior

“Yes, I use ChatGPT and CoolBot for my CP classes. I use them because CP classes are not a priority for me, so I use AI to get them out of the way. I also use Grammarly.”

Bani Singh, Junior

“Yes, there is an AI filter on Tiktok where you can see yourself as a cartoon. I use it because it is funny and trendy.”

Ronika Sidhu, Sophomore

“I use it constantly because even to open my phone I use face recognition. At school I use ChatGPT and to go places I use Google Maps. I’m probably using it when I don’t even know.”

Jolene Phung, Senior

“I don’t use AI at all.”

Braedan An, Senior

“I have heard of ChatGPT and I use grammarly. All the teachers are stressed about it. Many kids got in trouble for using ChatGPT for their ARC Psychology final. I know people use AI art but I think AI art is dumb and shouldn’t be used. AI Art steals from actual artists and why would you want to support that when you could support the actual artist.”

Jaden-Cruz Benton, Senior

“No, I have not heard of it.”

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