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New Club Seeks to Showcase Student Writers

Cover of 2022 Literary Journal

By Isabella Bravo
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

The Literary Magazine Club was recently started to release a literary journal to showcase the work of NP3 students.

Junior Morsal Abdali started the club earlier in the school year.

The literary journal will be published in December featuring students’ writing such poetry, artwork, short stories, lyrics, personal essays, and more. All students are welcomed to participate.

According to Literary Club advisor Peter Riehl, the purpose of the club is “to give a space for writers to publish and to get their name out there on something that’s published, and also to share on the mic if they want to because that’s just an awesome, cathartic experience.”

Both Abdali and Riehl have had experiences with publishing work in a literary journal at NP3. Additionally, Riehl has published journals in previous schools he has attended and worked.

Abdali hopes to give more people an opportunity to share their work

“I submitted my own work to the journal and I also went to (Visual and Performing Arts) night where I shared my writing and I thought it was a really good experience and I liked having my work published,” she said. “I would like more people to also try to share their work out loud after they publish it because I think that adds to the experience after publishing your work.”

For the second year, the literary journal will be featured in Visual and Performing Arts Night, or VAPA Night, hosted on Dec. 8 from 4-7 p.m. The event is in collaboration with the art, choir, drama, English, and the TV/Media departments.

For the first hour of their segment, the Literary Magazine club will allow students who have published their work in the journal to share it at an open mic. Afterwards, others may share their own work.

The form for students to submit their work is now open:

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