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Student on the Street: Winter Holidays

By Guy Gong
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As NP3 High approaches Winter Break, the Pacific Times asked:

“What holidays do you celebrate during the winter season?”

Anthony Do, Senior

“I celebrate Christmas and New Years, specifically Chinese New Years. Usually, I go eat, go to visit a temple, try to watch lion dance, try to see some firecrackers.”

Mustafa Ghulam, Junior

“Every Friday, we go to Mosques for a religious gathering. Friday is significant in Islam. We don’t know when Eid will land, and it might land in the winter season. During Eid, we fast for a whole month. At the end of the month, we have a couple days of celebration and gathering with one another.”

Abby Lewis, Senior

“I always celebrate Christmas normally. Recently, we’ve been spending it at the house that I normally live at instead of at my grandma’s house. And we usually just bring over some close family, like any family that lives in California, and we just hang out and share presents and stuff like that.”

Andrew Le, Junior

“I celebrate Christmas and Chinese New Year. I usually get together with my family on both sides, eat food, and they give me money, like $250 per side.”

Justin Gutierrez, Senior

“I celebrate Christmas through gathering my family and friends, enjoying a plethora of food and gifts to everyone. It is a cultural thing but my family more sees it as a valuable time to get together and see each other again.”

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