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Upcycling Workshop Senior Project

By Kaylee Chouang
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Senior Aurora Perez is hosting a seven-week long Upcycling Workshop to teach students the importance of sewing for her senior project.

The workshop provides a hands-on learning experience with supplies already provided. During the meetings, Perez would also like to spread awareness and emphasize promoting sustainable fashion through her own lessons.

“Basically teaching other students how to sew and also teaching them dangers of the fast fashion industry,” said Perez. “I hope that students remember this life skill because it’s something honestly you can use at any point in your life.”

Perez said she hopes in the future, the people she taught sewing will carry on the skill and knowledge of sewing as well as spreading awareness on the dangers of fast fashion to other people such as pollution and harming wildlife.

This Upcycling Workshop is currently on their sixth week of the program, meeting during every Thursday tutorial in Heather Higgins’ room (E2). There are no more available slots but for more information, students may contact [email protected].

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