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Former School Board Member Elected

By Morsal Abdali
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Scott Dosick

After all of the votes from the Nov.7, 2023 special election for the Natomas school board Area 4 seat had been processed, Scott Dosick won.

Dosick won with 561 votes or 25.78% of the votes cast over Amir Khan’s 535 votes with only 24.59%.

Dosick took the vacant seat on the Natomas Unified School Board of Trustees after taking his oath of office in December. He officially sat on the board at the Dec. 13, 2023 meeting.

While speaking to the trustees and the public, he said, “I want to thank everyone. It is really strange. It is really good to be back.”

Six candidates ran for the seat including Dosick a previous member of the school board and Khan a business owner, veteran, and parent, Brenda L. Borge a retired educator, Monique Hokman a business owner and mother, Krystal King an early childhood educator, and Shahzad “Shawn” Anwar a real estate agent and parent also ran for the seat.

Candidates filed their paperwork to run before Aug.11 and were given the time to campaign throughout Natomas. Voting began on Dec. 28, but the general election was held on Nov.7, 2023. Voters in the trustee area were able to vote in person at the voting center or mail their vote in.

The initial results of the election were released in the evening of Nov.7 with the ballots that were received prior to Election Day. After all the votes from the election were processed, Dosick was in the lead.

The election was held following the resignation of Natomas school board member, Cindy Quiralte in order to fill the vacant seat. The election would be for the Area 4, representing many of the schools in Natomas.

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