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Music Club: No Experience Required

By Teresa Mote
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Every Tuesday during tutorials, Music Club is run by seniors Ryan Bonser and Harlow Entao in Annie Jones’ classroom.

“Do you enjoy music? Whether you like to sing, play instruments, or just chill and listen to music while others play, NP3’s Music Club is the place for you,” said Bonser, a senior.

During this tutorial, club leaders give presentations on how to play chords, read sheet music, match tunes and more. 

Anyone who attends Music Club, including club members and participants, have access to multiple instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, and a piano keyboard. 

No prior experience is needed to attend Music Club. It is not mandatory to play the instruments yourself, but it is highly encouraged that students participate in some way in order to get the most out of Music Club, according to those who attend regularly.

Bonser and Entao welcome new members saying, “In music club, we hope to share our love of music with you and teach you something new you may not have known.”

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