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Student Mathematicians Compete in Math Contest

By Zainab Mahmood
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

On Nov. 9, students in the math club, Pi-Rates, competed against each other in a tournament. The competition lasted two days and the competition was designed to have simple questions so that it’d be easy to answer for each grade. Points were received based on who was able to press the button first and answered the question correctly

There were four teams in total, starting with the two teams who went against each other: Joshua Tamondong and Shaan Rai against Teghbir Bhandal, Ivan Kurilenko, and Sarthak Sharma. Bhandal, Kurilenko, and Sharma proceeded on to the next round.

The other two teams who went against each other were Tayeb Rahman and Beecher Henderson vs Jugaad Dhaliwal and Sarguninder Parmar. The winners of this round were Rahman and Henderson.

The two teams; Bhandal, Kurilenko, and Sharma vs. Rahman and Beecher went against each other in the end and the overall winners were Rahman and Beecher

Alex Lao, leader of the Pi-Rates Club said, “The purpose of this math competition was to give our mathematicians at NP3 a chance to show off their skills. The goal of Pi-Rates is to promote math, which can mean hosting competitions, offering tutoring, creating math guides, or anything else we can do to promote math. We planned for this math tournament to be inclusive and exciting. We designed the competition so that all high schoolers could compete, regardless if they were in Algebra 1 or Calculus,”

Rahman, one of the members of the winning team said, “The competition was fun. It was very tense because we were both rushing to get the answer and press the button.”

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