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Spring Spirit Week Under Way

By Zainab Mahmood
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

This week is Spirit Week for all high school students.

This spirit week, however, differs from the others since all grades have specific themes to run against each other. 

On Monday freshmen’s theme is “Golf” (ex; skirts, white shoes, visors). On Tuesday their theme is “Road Trip” (ex; sweatpants, sweatshirts, crocs, slides). On Wednesday their theme is “Gryffindor” (ex; red and gold clothes). Thursday’s theme is “Lifeguard” (ex; red and white clothes). Friday’s theme for everyone is “class colors” and freshmen color is blue. 

For the sophomores, on Monday their theme is “Soccer” (ex; jersey, shorts) The theme on Tuesday is “Snow trip” (ex; big jackets, layers, boots). Wednesday’s theme is Slytherin (ex; green and gray clothes). On Thursday the theme is “Surfers” (ex; beachy clothes). Friday is class colors so their color is purple. 

Juniors Monday theme is “Basketball” (ex; jerseys, athletic shorts). Tuesday’s theme is “Safari Trip” (brown, creme, white colored clothes). On Wednesday the theme is “Hufflepuff” (ex; yellow and black clothes). Thursday is “Beach Dad” (ex; floral print shirts, cargo shorts, sunglasses). Green is the junior class color for Friday!

Seniors Monday theme is “Football” (ex; jerseys). Tuesday’s theme is “Hiking Trip” (ex; athletic wear, hats). The theme for Wednesday is “Ravenclaw” (blue and silver color clothes). Thursday’s theme is “Beach Mom” (women’s beach wear). For class colors, the seniors are black and gold on Friday. 



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