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Juniors Visit Bay Area College Campuses

By Tayeb Rahman
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 juniors went on a college trip on Feb. 22, visiting both UC Berkeley and St. Mary’s College to give an immersive experience that replicates college life.

“It was a great experience to know what college life is like and it inspired me to look further into those colleges,” said Mustafa Ghulam Sakhi.

Students first arrived at the Berkeley campus. They had the opportunity to walk freely around campus and downtown Berkeley for one hour until they had to regroup on the bus. Many students walked to the Berkeley merch store to buy sweaters or shirts. Some talked to Berkeley students for advice on how to get in.

“I didn’t have a lot of time around Berkeley, so I had to run everywhere. I enjoyed it when the Berkeley bell rang”, said Justice Temple.

Another student, Adriana Guerrero, found inspiration from the trip. “I toured the campus around, specifically the old buildings. I talked to students attending UC Berkeley. I personally liked the experience and it was inspiring.”

After briefly visiting Berkeley, students went to St. Mary’s College where they received a comprehensive talk about admissions, financial aid, and the programs that St. Mary’s offered.

Some students won merch shirts and other prizes through trivia questions based on the informational talk about St Mary’s.

After the comprehensive talk, Students arrived at the cafeteria where food was served for free. Students were then given the opportunity to explore all around the campus located in the lush hills of the town of Moraga.

St. Mary’s is a liberal arts college with an undergraduate enrollment of around two thousand students. This relatively small community is very similar to NP3. “St. Mary’s reminded me of NP3 because of the small personal community and tight bond,” said Luke Nikitchuk.

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