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Quadchella Takes the Stage on Friday

By Isabella Bravo
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

The NP3 high and middle school Quadchella is to be held this Friday, May 3, from 4-6:30 p.m.

Quadchella is an annual event which aims to bring together the NP3 campus for a festival-like event inspired by the popular desert festival Coachella which happens every April in Indio, Calif. NP3 middle and high school student governments work together to put on this event.

At the event there will be food trucks including Mykonos Gyros and others, mini games, and live performances from students. Performing students imitate a music artist and perform as if in a concert.

The event is held outside in the quad. Tickets are sold at the door for $5.

Accompanying the event is a spirit week. For “Festival Friday” students are expected to dress for Quadchella by wearing clothes with a “western, festival, glittery” theme, according to the student government announcements.

Typically, students sign up to perform prior to the event. But in an effort to promote more participation, student government will also be taking open-mic sign ups during Quadchella. Participants are encouraged to dress and act like the music artist they are embodying. In addition, to encourage participation, grades will be awarded 25 pirate points for every participating student in that grade.

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