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Art Club

By Jasmeen Ghuman
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Looking to leave the campus more eye-catching? Help beautify the campus and community through art!

During a typical meeting, you can expect to brainstorm, plan and organize future art projects on campus. You can find examples of past work in the boys’ locker room, center quad circle and the large mural in the gym’s foyer. This year, Art Club is working in the girls’ locker room, plus some other areas on campus that have yet to be revealed.

The leaders of the club are Justine Arizabal and Alysia Thomas, while Ms. Higgins fills the position of club advisor. Ms. Higgins is also the Art 1, Art 2 and Painting teacher, giving her a great amount of experience in the subject of art. She has studied art abroad and has extensive knowledge of the different historical art periods. Ms. Higgins expresses her creativity and knowledge of art through many different mediums such as graphite, painting and murals. To get an idea of all that Ms. Higgins has taught and the type of projects she has done, be sure to visit her room to see the vast amount of past work that is displayed. You can see both her and her students’ work, where they have created art originating from different time periods and styles such as surrealism, expressionism and symbolism.

The Art Club meets in Mrs. Higgins’s room (E-2) on Tuesdays at lunch. For more information, you can contact the adviser: [email protected], Justine Arizabal: [email protected] or Alysia Thomas: [email protected].


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