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NP3 Mock Election Results Favor Newsom

By Isabel Penman
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

If Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep students decided this week’s election, they would elect Gavin Newsom the state’s newest governor.

That’s according to the results of a statewide mock election NP3 students participated in on Oct. 9.

The high school ballot included seven ballot measures and candidate position statements which also appeared on the ballot for California’s midterm election on Nov. 6. Students voted for governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state, as well as Propositions 3, 7, 10 and 12.

NP3 mock election results mirrored those of participating California high schools, with students overwhelming voted in favor of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom over his Republican counterpart John H. Cox. NP3 students voted 63.40 percent for Newsom compared to students statewide who voted 57.69 percent for the current Lt. Governor.

Similarly, NP3 students favored the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, with 76.34 percent of the student electorate voting for him, leaving the Republican candidate, Mark P. Meuser, with only 23.66 percent of the vote.

The results for lieutenant governor showed a less decisive win, with Eleni Kounalakis at 55.05 percent and Ed Hernandez at 44.95 percent, most likely because both candidates are Democrats.

When it came to Proposition 3, 74 percent of NP3 students voted “yes” to approve bonds to fund projects for water supply and quality, wildlife, water conveyance and groundwater sustainability. Statewide mock election results were similar, with 75.67 percent of participating students voting in favor of the proposition.

When it came to eliminating Daylight Savings Time in California, 59.54 percent of NP3 students voted against Proposition 7. Statewide, 52.25 percent of students also voted no on the proposal.

NP3 students voted 57.82 percent against Proposition 10, demonstrating opposition to rent control. NP3 stands alone with these results when compared to the 66.21 percent of students statewide who voted in favor of rent control.

When it came to Proposition 11, which requires private-sector emergency ambulance employees to remain on-call during work breaks, 66.81 percent of NP3 students voted yes. Similarly, 54.56 percent of students statewide voted yes on this measure.


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