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Conspiracy Theory Club

By Jakob Franco
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

New to the school this year, the Conspiracy Theory Club seeks to provide an entertaining outlet for those extremely incredulous students among us.

Headed by Ashlynn Wildrom and Lily Trouchon, this club will meet every Tuesday in R. Jone’s (F-2) room during lunch. Avid fans of conspiracy theories themselves, the two club leaders wanted to share this passion with other students and thought-provokin studies. While these theories may address historically significant events, the club is exclusively for entertainment purposes and does not seek to make any legitimate allegations.

Every week, the club will focus on a new conspiracy including the infamous Apollo mission moon landings. Club leaders are also open to members bringing their own theories to discuss. As the year progresses, club leaders hope to foster lively debates and connect students through a shared interest in these outlandish theories.

If you consider yourself a conspiracy theory expert or just want to have some fun at lunch, the conspiracy theory club may just be the club for you. For further inquiries, you can reach Lily at and Ashlynn at

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