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Seniors Pass Down Crowns to Class of 2020

By Mickaela Del Pozo 
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Seniors design and give crowns to the junior class before graduation every year at NP3 High. The seniors pass down their “senior” title to their underclassmen through this long-lasting tradition. Seniors are tasked with creating a crown based on a junior’s personality or interests a few weeks prior to their graduation. The crowning also allows students to interact with others that they may or may not be familiar with. This year’s crowning of the Class of 2020 took place on Monday, May 20 during lunch.

Seniors wait to crown their assigned juniors.

Melissa Ciubal’s advisory gets crowned.

Senior Erick Brady crowns junior Aksa Rashid.

Junior Jieleen Lomo gets crowned.

Seniors crown Bennae Dillingham’s advisory.

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