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ACE Classes: College Comes to High School!

By Ashvir Singh
NP3 Student| The Pacific Times

In addition to AP and Honors classes, NP3 High School recently started offering Accelerated College Entrance or ACE classes to juniors and seniors.

ACE classes are courses offered both terms at NP3 High School. The classes offered may not be the same both terms. They allow students to earn Sacramento State college credit.

Currently, NP3 offers three ACE classes: Fundamentals of Engineering and Physics which are both taught by Kim Knestrick and Philosophy taught by Erik Jones.

Jones said he sees ACE classes as a chance to receive college credit and get an introduction to a college-level course and what that environment feels like. Several juniors taking the course share a similar sentiment about getting college credit while still in high school.

One junior, Ashton Strovers, is taking Fundamentals of Engineering and Physics. He feels the amount of stress is lower because he chooses to take the classes purely out of interest. The ACE classes currently offered are not required like core classes such as mathematics and English.

Many juniors expressed a genuine interest in the topic of the ACE class they are taking and mentioned the college credit as an additional incentive. Unlike AP classes, ACE doesn’t require students to take a test to receive the credit, but must earn a B or higher.

In addition to earning college credit, ACE classes give high school students insight into what a college class is like.

Currently, NP3 High is covering the cost of registration fees and textbooks for students enrolled in ACE classes.

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