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Send The Pacific Times Story Ideas!

By Maisha Mostafa
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The Pacific Times is looking for story ideas for the NP3 community.

The Pacific Times was created last school year by an NP3 alumni and continues to be run by a team of NP3 High student staff writers. It is the only online student-run news website in the greater Natomas area. 

The Pacific Times typically covers topics on school and local events and also publishes student perspectives on current topics such as “Students Benefits from No Grades.”

Interested in learning more about events on campus?  Do you want you want to read more “Student on the Street” articles? Is there an issue that you want heard and are passionate about? Or do you even want to start a new column on The Pacific Times

Please share your ideas via our “Contact Us” form or via email [email protected].

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