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First Midterms of the Year Begin Next Week

By Chim Unanwa
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Before NP3 High students go on Fall Break, they’ll have to take midterms.

Midterms mark the halfway point of term one. Generally, NP3 students take their midterm tests for their first and second period classes on Thursday, September 26. The midterms for the third and fourth period classes are on Friday, September 27.

Midterm tests vary between classes—some classes have cumulative midterm tests, where students are tested on content introduced since the beginning of the year. Others may only test the current unit. In both cases, midterm tests are usually longer than the average test.

NP3 government teacher Jonathan Peacock suggested that students get good sleep, study and eat breakfast the day of the tests.

“Students often overlook the importance of sleep,” added Teresa Villaneva, NP3 Spanish teacher.

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