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Students Play Games at the First Friday of September

By Zara Afridi
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

September 6 marks the first Friday of the month with a funny game of “Marshmallow Rush.”

This game draws back to “Club Rush,” an event set to happen on Friday, September 13 for NP3 students to see and be aware of what clubs are happening this year in our campus and for club leaders to encourage other students to join their clubs. 

The game “Marshmallow Rush” consisted of 3 rounds between freshmen vs. sophomores and juniors vs. seniors, where one partner gave some clues about a club and the other partner had to guess the club by using the clues. For example, the clue “exercise” would be bike club. If the person says the wrong club, they have to stuff a marshmallow in their mouth. The person with the least marshmallows at the end of the round wins. 

Senior delegate Jazelle Lewis getting ready to host the game.

Jazelle and participants ready for the game.

Senior delegate Deshaun Phillips handing out marshmallows to the players.

Seniors Samuel Melchor and Carlos Horta playing with marshmallows.

Junior and student body officer Gagan Kaur participating and helping.

The list of the 2019-2020 clubs that players had to choose from.

Math teacher and Senior adviser Mr. James watching and enjoying the game.

A group of freshmen watching and enjoying the game.

NP3 High’s sound manager and senior Kimbery Rivera playing music to hype up the game.

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