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Student on the Street: What Students Did Over Break

By Jack Fedor
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Fall break has come and gone. During midterms, The Pacific Times asked how students planned to use their two weeks off.

“What will you be doing during fall break?”


Jared Florence, NP3 Freshman

“Maybe sleeping, skating, a lot of yard work probably, possibly playing Minecraft.”


(Not pictured)

Trevon Kerns, NP3 Freshman

“I will be skating with my friends at Tanzanite and doing some tricks.”


Aven Nguyen, NP3 Freshman

“I will go to the skate park by my house and do some tricks and will go to soccer practice.”


(Not pictured)

Jayden Chan, NP3 Freshman

“I will be going to soccer practice and will be meeting up with my friends around the area.”

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