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Meet Your NP3 Student Government Officers

By Mickaela Del Pozo
Guest Contributor| The Pacific Times

The NP3 student body elects student body officers every year to represent the students’ ideas and to organize exciting events during the school year.

The officers for the 2019-2020 school year include Hadeel Zidan as president, Ashvir Singh as vice president and Ayona Roy as secretary. Also included are Gagan Kaur as treasurer, Salma Silva as student board member, Zara Afridi and Makaiae Gonzales as communications officers and Kimberly Rivera as sound manager. 

(From left to right) Kimberly Rivera, Hadeel Zidan, Makaiae Gonzales, Ashvir Singh, and Zara Afridi after a meeting. Not pictured: Ayona Roy, Gagan Kaur and Salma Silva.

“I wanted to be a student body officer because I wanted to take on a lead role in the school where I help people and help the student body get what they want or need,” said Afridi, a senior.

Duties of a student body officer vary depending on the student’s position. Each officer holds specific responsibilities such as managing NP3’s social media, presenting at student board meetings and making song playlists for events using student suggestions. The group makes goals collectively and strives to complete them with the student delegates during the student government class, according to Zidan, a senior. 

The student government organizes many of the events on and off-campus. Events such as First Friday, Homecoming and Winter Wonderjam are put together through the work of the student body officers and delegates. Junior officers Makaiae Gonzales and Gagan Kaur expressed their excitement for prom in the spring.

“I feel like everything that we do as a school should be heard and taken into consideration by the students,” said Roy, a senior. “Us as the student government want to take each event seriously and make all of them meaningful.”

This year’s student government class wants to represent the student body as best as they can, according to Singh, a junior. This goal is ensured through student board meetings and student voting during advisory. Rivera, a senior, encourages students to participate as a way to get their ideas included. 

“I’m looking forward to the student response to all the things we are going to be throwing at them this year,” added Silva, a sophomore. “We have put so much time, energy and planning into this school year that I really hope everything comes out the way we envisioned and that the students love it as much as we do.”

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