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Ways NP3 Teachers Make Distance Learning Fun

By Berkeley Boyd
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Distance learning has separated students and teachers from classrooms and physically interacting with each other which has led some students failing to pay attention or just not feeling connected to their classes in any way.

But NP3 High students said teachers have found ways to help make online classes bearable and, in some cases, even fun.

Some NP3 juniors and sophomores expressed boredom or disconnect whereas the only interaction with their classmates and teachers has been in the form of a Jamboard or Kahoot!. Kahoot! is often used to review content, and occasionally quiz on other recreational content, like brand logos, Disney characters, or actors.

Some NP3 juniors expressed how, even though academic classes can be boring, they have fun in advisory classes. For example, one junior advisory played Among Us, an online video game released in mid-2018 which gained popularity during mid-2020 due to many content creators playing the game.

Another student mentioned how math teacher Laura Sieglitz’s advisory classes watched Bill Nye together during their meetings.

Students interviewed said they appreciated that the teachers tried to include them and get them involved, however some students said these repetitive efforts by teachers felt annoying and was unwanted.

Math and computer programming teacher Donald Lowery was praised for being interactive not only during advisory classes, but also during computer programming, when he would test the games students made.

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