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NP3 Junior Rachel Long Doesn’t Waste Time

By Berkeley Boyd
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Updated Feb. 16, 2021*

Rachel Long

Rachel Long is a physically active, outgoing individual who believes that you should not waste any time.

Long claims to live by the quote, “Living at your best, not wasting time, and when there is an opportunity, just do it.”

Long is a junior and sound manager for student government at NP3 High for the 2020-21 school year.

Long came to NP3 in 2020, during her sophomore year of high school. She attended junior high at Leading Edge Academy where she participated in the track and field and played volleyball.

Long is currently an active member of the NP3 dance team and has participated in various competitions and performances. She has competed in a variety of sports, both competitively and for fun.

Long also practices MMA, which incorporates various techniques from martial arts across the world. She teaches some MMA herself to students that are 3-80 years old.

Aside from MMA, Long loves to rock climb and be outside, hiking or exploring.

Long was born in the city of Sacramento and if she had to choose somewhere to live, it would probably still be California. Coincidentally, she also wants to go to college in California.

Long’s dream job has always been to be an astronaut, but she’s also interested in being a health fitness physician and studying genetics. Her dream college is Stanford, but as of right now she’s not so sure because her interests are shifting and Stanford doesn’t provide the best courses for genetic studies.

“I would want to live in the Bay Area, still California, but not San Francisco, it’s just too foggy and dim there,” Long said. “I like summer and sunshine and am slightly interested in international travel.”

Long’s favorite foods are frozen yogurt and Fruity Pebbles cereal, and her least favorite would be bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd, which is a staple in Asian cuisine. Long says she dislikes arugula, also known as ruchetta.

Long has taken a variety of classes at NP3 High but said AP Seminar, a class she is taking this year, is currently her favorite. She likes math-related classes more because they are easier when compared to English classes. She also really enjoys science and technology and wants to take more classes in those subjects.

Some of Long’s special talents include her ability to do flips, splits, and wiggle the tips of her ears which she claimed is, “…more of a weird talent, not a special one.”

*The article was updated with the correct type of martial arts Ms. Long practices and the ages of the students she teaches.

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