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Junior Janelle Calma Active in the NP3 Community

By Berkeley Boyd
Staff Writer | The Pacific Time

As part of the varsity Mock Trial team, a key member of the Asian Pacific Islander club and co-communications officer for student government, junior Janelle Calma is a huge part of the NP3 High School community.

Calma, 17, was born in San Francisco and attended junior high in the San Francisco Bay Area at Alta Loma Middle School where she used to play volleyball.

Described as studious and caring, Calma loves to bake, cook and visit with her cousins. She also spends her time giving back to the community by volunteering and raising money for the Leukemia Society.

Calma likes San Francisco, but when asked if she would want to move back said, “No, I like where I am now. I like Sacramento a lot and I want to keep my friends.”

Later in her life Calma hopes visit in East Asia. She said she’s particularly interested in Japan and Korea, adding she has a desire to maybe even live in East Asia for a few years.

Calma’s favorite food is noodles of any kind; she hates coconut, Jell-O and sticky rice.

“I just don’t like the texture, the mushiness of it,” she explained. “Yeah, anything pudding or Jell-O related.”

During her three years at NP3 High, Calma said her favorite class has been chemistry. Her favorite subject, however, is math.

Calma admits she has not seriously considered where she wants to go to college yet. She said she has no “dream colleges” as of yet, adding she’s willing to go wherever looks best.

She likes to interact with young children and helping them. That’s why she’s considering a career in speech pathology, which is basically helping children who have trouble pronouncing words or sounds such as “s,” “th,” and “r” sounds.