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NP3 High to Consider a New Composting Program

Staff Report | The Pacific Times

NP3 High School does not have a composting program, but it may soon.

NP3 High junior Nayab Mehmood is currently working with the California Department for Resources, Recycling, and Recovery to write a policy that, if approved, will create a composting program on campus.

NP3 students who were interviewed by The Pacific Times said they like the possibility of having a composting program on campus.

The policy would have to be approved by the Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep school board.

If approved, the program that would be implemented would see compost bins placed on campus in places like the cafeteria and amphitheater. These bins would allow students to separate trash from organic materials, such as banana peels.

According to the proposed policy, the school will decide if the organic material will be used on campus or if it would be collected by a hauling company.

Jacqueline Pirir-Yoc, a junior at NP3 High School, sees such a program as being environmentally friendly and as a way to reduce the waste levels generated by NP3 High School.

“I think it’s a great way to reduce the volume of surplus food our school generates while enriching the soil, said Alina Susu, also a junior student at NP3 High School.

Teresa Huang, an NP3 High School teacher, had something similar to add.

“It would reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and we now have a little garden area that could benefit from the compost,” Huang added.

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