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Student on the Street: Back on Campus

By Berkeley Boyd
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Last month, 40% of NP3 High School students returned to campus for in-person learning. The Pacific Times asked:

“What’s it like being back on campus?”


Hayden Hein, Sophomore

“It’s fun and well setup, but it’s annoying to wake up earlier.”

Janelle Calma, Junior

“Same as learning at home, but at least here I can get help from a teacher in person. I like it and I get to see people.”

Miguel Pacia, Junior

“I just prefer learning in person. It’s less repetitive and I am able to retain the information easier. I can’t really retain it that well otherwise.”

Sukhman Singh, Junior

“I absolutely love it! Same boring thing, but it’s in a different place!”

Julian Street, Freshman

“Better than being taught at home. Last year 8th grade was a train wreck.”

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