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Student on the Street: Getting Vaccinated

By Berkeley V Boyd
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The start of the school year marks the first time, since March of 2020, that all of the students currently enrolled at NP3 are returning in person to campus. However, the threat of Covid-19 is still prevalent, as cases compared from August 31st, 2020 to August 23rd, 2021, are at a 142.22% increase, according to The Natomas Buzz. The Pacific Times asked students:

“Are you vaccinated and why?”

Shazil Mahmood, Senior

“Yes, I don’t want to die.”


Jonathan, Junior

No, my parents are anti-vax. However, I don’t see a problem with the vaccine.”

Christopher and Jared Florence, Juniors

“Yes, for traveling to Florida and to keep us safe.”







Katherine Espinoza, Junior

“Yes, for when I traveled to Mexico.”

Aiden Grover, Senior

“Yes, the rest of my family has health issues, and since I work, it keeps me safer.”

Alex Kubodera, Junior

“Yes, just because I wanted to.”

Dillon Do, Senior

“Yeah, I didn’t really want to, but my parents forced me.”

Melodi Xiong, Senior

“Yes, to help keep me safe from the pandemic.”

Artem Antonyuk, Senior

“No, I don’t want any harmful effects. Too risky, they didn’t test it all the way yet, and it wasn’t officially approved”

Not Pictured

“Yes, it was required to compete for the dance team.” – Leo Saun, Senior

“Yes, I hate radicalism and stand for the greater good.” Fernando Serratos, Senior

“Yes, to keep my family and other people safe.” Mackenzy Sanchez Songco, Senior

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