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Students Stage Protest Opposing Dress Code

A handful of students stage a protest opposing NP3 High’s current dress code on Sept. 13. / Photo by Krista Chouang

By Krista Chouang
Copy Editor | The Pacific Times

A handful of NP3 High students staged a protest voicing their opposition to the school’s current dress code.

The students—wearing clothing such as crop tops, low cut shirts, and athletic pants, which don’t meet dress code— carried small signs protesting during lunch period on Sept. 13. A petition was passed around and signed by those who joined to show their support.

The protest was organized by senior Ayacaxtli Galvis-Torrez on Instagram through an online flyer which said the dress code is “racist, sexist, and overall unnecessary.”

“Next week the weather will be in the high 90s and 80s which means another hot week in Sacramento,” Galvis-Torrez wrote in the caption of her post. “How can we pay attention in class if we are sweating our a**** off?”

School administration on Sunday, Sept. 12 sent a message home to parents and guardians ahead of the protest with a link to the dress code asking that they remind their students of the rules. The announcement stated that if over 90% of students are in dress code the week of Sept.13, there will be free dress days on Sept. 24 and Sept. 25 during midterm exams.

In response to the free-dress day incentive, Galvis-Torrez posted on Instagram, “Why settle for 2 days of free dress instead of everyday be free dress? If 50% of our students break dresscode this week we can carry on free dress days to be everyday on our own terms.”

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