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Yearbook Committee Seeks Student Participation

By Christopher Loupeda
Copy-Editor | The Pacific Times

NP3 High students have plenty of ways to be involved in the creation of the 2021-22 yearbook.

Graphic by Jagjeet Kaur

Each year, the Yearbook Committee sends out Google Forms, takes pictures, and makes creative ways to show student activities and more.

“In this year’s yearbook, we intend to include students through events and activities hosted at our school. This includes club events and activities as well as events hosted by student government” said Yearbook Committee member, Jagjeet Kaur.

“We also intend to highlight students through our student-athletes, different cultures, pets pages,” Kaur added.

Currently, the Yearbook Committee has sent out Google forms about student pets, hidden talents, fashion, student-athletes, and artists. These forms all have varying deadlines and students can fill these out by following links in the Captain’s Log or daily announcements. The Yearbook Committee is always in the process of creating more.

“Superlatives are on the way! We are currently in the process of creating and sending out superlatives so please keep an eye out for surveys,” said Kaur.

This year, the Yearbook Committee is debuting a new app called Yearbook SNAP. “This app allows students to be more involved with yearbook and submit any pictures they would like to have featured,” said Kaur.

Seniors also have the opportunity to send in baby photos to feature in the yearbook and buy Senior shout-out ads which are personalized pages in the official yearbook for one person. Senior ads are $75.00 for half a page and $125.00 for a full page.

For those interested in purchasing a yearbook, the deadline is January 21, 2022. Just a yearbook costs $60 but prices vary depending on the package the student wants.

“Please visit our Instagram page @np3_yearbook for more information and updates. For any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected],” said Kaur.

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