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Student on the Street: Finals Week

By Kristen Chung
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As student prepared to take their first in-person finals since the pandemic, The Pacific Times asked:

“How are you preparing for finals week and what are your biggest concerns?”

Surya Deep Tanikella, Sophomore

“My biggest concerns are making the mistakes which I know the answers to in Spanish. To prepare, I’m going over what we learned in class and I am practicing playing some Spanish games for my comprehension so I will be prepared to read the questions and choose the right answer.”

Vanessa Jauregui, Sophomore

“I’m preparing for finals week by trying to study my best. However, I have a lot of distractions. I honestly want to watch TV and sleep all the time but that never works out because I get stressed out. My biggest concern would probably be math – I don’t know why when I’m actually okay I just feel like I’m going to mess up on stupid things. Also in Spanish even though I’m fluent.”

Kaitlyn Tamondong, Junior

“I am going over old tests and redoing them for Calculus to make sure I get the right answers. I’m also studying with my friends in study groups. My biggest concern is my AP classes because I have two essays due and then we have a timed essay for AP Language And Composition. I’m scared because that’s so much writing.”

Addison Fisk, Senior

“For finals week, I am watching videos, analyzing different theories of Shakespeare, and writing down civil law notes. My biggest concern is the amount of time I have to write my in-class essays because writing hurts my hands and my brain thinks too fast for my hand to write.”

Lesly Pham, Senior

“I think finals is stupid. My biggest concern is Calculus – Mrs. Sieglitz please make an easier test!”

Jireh Owen, Sophomore

“I’m preparing for finals week by just reviewing the lessons and homework we did over this past few months. Specifically, for my Spanish class, I’m looking over the book we, as a class, read and also reviewing the preterite and imperfect tenses. For my Chemistry class, I’m reviewing the lab experiments and worksheets we did in class in order to help me remember what to do in each of the problem. My biggest concerns are not being prepared enough and not having enough focus and energy. Other than that, I look forward in getting the best scores on my finals.”

Sophia Le, Freshman

“I have been preparing for finals this week by reviewing work, taking time to myself, and not stressing. My biggest concerns are presenting about my work in Art 1.”

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