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Senior Tackles Clothing Waste with Thrift Store

By Tahasin Rahman
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 senior Jasmin Perez is addressing the issue of clothing waste with her senior project by starting a thrift store.

According to the BBC, excessive clothing waste is an ongoing issue in America and the rest of the world. Fast fashion and environmentally destructive methods for clothing production create an unsustainable system for the world.

Thrifting is the act of buying lightly-used clothing at a cheaper price. Thrifting mitigates the effects of fast fashion by reusing what would have been thrown away.

Perez aims to start a thrift store at NP3 to prevent clothing waste and give students an option to buy cheaper clothing. She has her own thrift store, @_jazzyscloset_, on Instagram with more than 700 followers and is bringing her experience to NP3.

Perez plans to open the thrift store by the second week of January. The clothes will be sold either in a classroom or in the library during lunch and after school.

“My goal is to educate more people on the issue of clothing waste,” says Perez, describing her senior project.

She has already collected several articles of clothing ranging from shirts, bottoms, jeans, and jackets. The donations are collected from students to be later sold in the thrift store on campus. All the proceeds and remaining clothing will be sent to local organizations such as churches with dedicated organizations to help the downtown homeless population. She expects more donations soon and hopes that more students will provide winter jackets. The winter jackets will be sent directly to homeless shelters.

“I’m hoping that more people will thrift and reduce clothing waste. Hopefully, the school continues this senior project,” she says.

Perez is collecting clothing at NP3 in room B-4 until Dec. 17. To help with her efforts, donate your lightly used clothing. Contact Perez via email at [email protected] or Instagram at @_jazzyscloset_.

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