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Community Garden in the Works for NP3 Campus

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

Senior Rachael Basra hopes to to create a community garden for the NP3 community behind the science buildings.

This garden will be created with the help from NP3 High students in the form of donations of plants, money and time.

“The purpose of the garden is to create a safe space where students can engage with nature and recognize its great importance in the ecosystem,” said Basra.

Basra is establishing this garden due to the lack of exposure to greenspaces during the pandemic, which according to her has impacted the mental health of students.

Basra also is looking to provide vegetables which are grown in the garden to the cafeteria to be included in students’ lunches.

Boxes for donations will be distributed during this week to advisory classes. Boxes will be distributed, monitored and donations will be counted by Key Club.

On Friday, Jan. 28 there will be a tutorial session for students who are interested in learning more about the garden.

All donations should be given by mid February and the advisory with the most donations will be awarded with a donut party.

Donations such as plants, packaged seeds and fertilizer are needed as well as money for the garden which will be used to purchase necessary items for the garden.

All monetary donations can be dropped off at are to be brought to Peter Riehl’s classroom during lunch.

Basra is working with NP3 High math teacher Maxim Tyshchenko to develop an irrigation system which will help make the garden sustainable.

“I will make sure that this becomes a legacy for our school and a tradition that lasts among our classes,” said Basra.

Basra has created a Google Form in which students can sign up to help create the garden.

Questions regarding the project can be emailed to Basra at [email protected].

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