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Robotics Team Competes for First Time in 2022

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

On Jan. 22 NP3 High Robotics competed in a competitive 39 team Florin High School robotics competition.

Teams A, C and D went to the competition over the weekend, but Team B decided not to attend.

Team D took 21st at the competition and they were able to advance past the round of 16, but were eliminated in the quarterfinal round.

“I think that we performed better at this competition, but we faced tougher teams in this competition,” said Team D member Jireh Owen.

“We played offensively and tried to gain as many rings as possible in the quarterfinal round,” said Kristen Chung when asked about the team’s strategy. Teams in the competition are awarded points if a set number of rings goes to a specific area during each competition.

“The front part of the robot should be worked on so we can gain more time in the autonomous period to gain points, rather than to prepare the robot,” said Arjun Balasa, another Team D member.

Team A placed 30th following the qualification round, however they were also able to advance past the round of 16 and lost in the quarterfinal round.

Team C placed 31st following the qualification round, but were unable to advance past the round of 16, once qualifying for the playoffs.

“The alliance in the elimination was really nice, we were happy with who we got teamed up with.” said Team C member Vivian Mai. “We tried to get some of the yellow rings early, then we tried to place our robot on the balance.”

NP3’s robotics team is scheduled to take part in a competition this upcoming weekend in Ceres.

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