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Staff Profile: Jennifer Pennington

By Christopher Loupeda
Copy-Editor | The Pacific Times

NP3 librarian Jennifer Pennington and her family.

Jennifer Pennington has always enjoyed reading and is excited to share that passion with NP3 students as the new librarian.

“I like to read, I’m a big reader,” said Pennington. She recently read the book, “Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell and was impressed by it.

Pennington began working in the NP3 library in fall 2020, learning from Nancy Kidd. Following Kidd’s retirement last month, Pennington has taken over all librarian duties. She works part time.

This is Pennington’s her fifth year working at NP3. Previously, she helped students with reading and writing at the NP3 Middle School learning center. She said she enjoys being a part of a school that has a vision that creates better students and people.

Pennington lives in Sacramento with her husband and two daughters. “I’ve lived here for 10 years,” she said. Before moving to Sacramento 10 years ago, she lived in Lafayette, La.

Pennington got her first job at 15-years-old, in Lafayette, La. where she worked as a hostess at Hubcity Diner, a 50s-themed restaurant. She attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, earning a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Education.

Family is an important part of Pennington’s life. She said she enjoys traveling and going on hikes with them and Hawaii is by far the favorite spot they have visited.

If Pennington had three wishes, they would include an end to global warming and racial injustice. Her last wish would be to make sure all children have lots of books in their home to read.

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