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NP3 Physics Students Launch Rockets

By Katrina Jesusa Nazareno
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 Physics students had a “blast” Thursday, Aug. 31, they launched bottle rockets into the sky in physics class.

“I want the students to learn a little about the engineering process. I expect the students to communicate with each other to put together a bottle rocket for flight,” said Kimberly Knestrick, NP3 Physics teacher.

While doing the bottle rocket project, Knestrick said she learned that she should have a dedicated person use the angle measure tool with one of the partners launching the bottle rocket.

Knestrick explained that by launching bottle rockets, students learn and demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion in action.

“Building and launching our rocket was a very fun process!” said Sofia Le. “I learned the trials and errors of design, the significance of research, and the effect of variables that were both in and out of our control.”

Le said she enjoyed the activity and encouraged her fellow classmates to take physics.

“Ms. Knestrick is a very kind and encouraging teacher who has made learning physics very enjoyable,” Le said, “If you’re interested in any STEM field, it is a very interesting class where you see the intersection of many things in everyday life.”

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