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Teacher Profile: Tiffany Seaver

Teacher Tiffany Seaver

By Isabella Bravo
Copy-Editor | The Pacific Times

Tiffany Seaver was inspired to become an English teacher because of her hobby of reading and previous high school experience.

She has recently started teaching ninth and 10th graders at NP3.

When becoming a teacher, Seaver sought to provide a welcoming environment for students who have had a tough time with school.

“High school was not my favorite time, and partially because I had some teachers who weren’t the most friendly and the most welcoming,” she said.

Seaver became an English teacher because she’s always had a passion for reading — her favorite book is “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides. After getting her teaching credentials from Sacramento State University in 2019, she taught in Thailand for six months before coming back to California due to the pandemic. She then taught at Sacramento High School for three years.

Seaver came to NP3 after hearing positive things about the school.

“I know some people who work here and they all said it was a really good place to work,” she said. “I was looking for a new, fresh start, so I came (to NP3).”

Outside of teaching, Seaver said she also enjoys baking and gardening.

“I really like to bake, I’ve been getting into baking bread lately, which is a little bit different because I bake a lot of sweets,” she explained. “I still like to read a lot when I have the time to do it.”

Seaver said she has enjoyed her time at NP3 so far.

“The kids are so nice and welcoming and kind, everything’s been really great,” she said. “I like it so far.”

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