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Student on the Street: What’s Next?

By Sukhmann Bhatti
Staff Writer
| The Pacific Times

Upon the eve of their graduation, The Pacific Times asked seniors:

“What are you doing after graduation?”

Anjali Gidda

“I’m going to community college for two years and then I hope to transfer to either UC Berkeley or UC Irvine. I will be majoring in biology and minoring in business. As my future career, I want to be a dentist.”

Hadia Asim

“I’m going to UC Davis where I will be majoring in human biology. I’m excited to move on to a new stage in my life and I can’t wait for the new experiences that I will be met with in college. I’m going to miss seeing my friends at school everyday along with the memories that we created together.”

Chloe Durham

“I’ll be attending UC Berkeley in the fall and majoring in economics and minoring in public policy. I’m excited for the new freedom and opportunities that college has to offer. I’m also looking forward to the new challenges in college classes. I’m hoping to join the UC Berkeley mock trial team. I’m going to miss being in the same place as all my friends. I will also miss some of my teachers who have made my high school experience enjoyable.”

Jireh Owen

“After graduation, I plan on attending Princeton University where I will be majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I will also maybe take on a job and involve myself in some extracurriculars on the side. At college I look forward to meeting my new classmates and the new teachers at Princeton. Once I graduate I will deeply miss my teachers and my classmates with whom I have forged strong connections.”

Salvador Lemus

“I will be attending the University Of Pacific where I will be double major in biological sciences and English along with minoring in art history. I am excited to get to know new people in college and I will miss my teachers in high school along with the memories I made through these four years.”

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