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By Maisha Mostafa 
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3’s UNICEF Club is currently looking for new members! UNICEF Club consists of youth in all of the high school grade levels. The club members strive to help the community through fundraising and organizing community events.

The school’s UNICEF Club is partnered with UNICEF, which stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. UNICEF is a nationally recognized organization, who strives to protect children’s lives around the world.

The UNICEF Club plans to hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year including one of their biggest: the Trick- a-Treat fundraiser. This fundraiser runs from October to November, where each of the high school advisories have a competition of who can fundraise the most money. At the end of the fundraiser, the winning class will receive a pizza party.

According to the club’s vice president, Isabel Penman, the club has plans to involve the middle school in the fundraiser this year, with a possibility of extending it to the elementary school. All profits from this month-long fundraiser are planned to go to efforts to help children around the world. Five dollars from the fundraiser can give one family clean water to drink, $15 can provide mosquito nets to save kids from malaria, $55 can provide 150 packets of therapeutic food to save a malnourished child, and $210 has the power to help 40 refugees receive education and heal from their injuries.

Other than Trick-a-Treat, UNICEF Club holds more fundraisers throughout the whole year, like Movie Night and Holiday grams on the campus. The club plans to be more involved in the community by having weekly presentations on ongoing issues and events.

The club plans to have more advisory visits in order to recruit more members. UNICEF Club meets on every Wednesday in Mr. Peacock’s room (I-4) during Lunch. For any more questions or concerns, please contact Ajeshni Kumar ( or Isabel Penman ( Hope to see you soon!

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