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Student on the Street: Study Tips and Tricks

By Maryam Shabir
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As midterms approach at NP3 High, The Pacific Times asked students on campus:

What are some effective study tips that you use to help you learn? 

Angelo Manuel, NP3 Senior

“Usually I study 30 minutes before I sleep. If I take longer, then I do intervals of 30 minutes of studying then 5-minute break but always before I sleep. So it soaks in my brain and it stays with me when I wake up.”

Brandon Phommasack, NP3 Junior

¨My study tip is to take notes on what you don’t know so you could ask your teacher. Manage your time well and don’t get off task when studying.¨

Loveleen Kaur, NP3 Senior

“The most important thing for me is to make a To-do list every day. Then I pick a time slot in my schedule for each item on the list and only focus on that for that amount of time. To study effectively study in that time I take 5-minute breaks after 30 minutes of work time.”

Anna Chernata, NP3 Sophomore

“One is to take breaks in between studying whether it’s to get a drink of water or just walk around. Clear your head so your brain would process the information better. Second is to organize your study spaces. Third that I would highly recommend is explaining your answers to others. Saying them verbally helps you gather your thoughts and assures you that you know the answer.”

Thomas Hara, NP3 Senior

‘I’ve gotten some tips from a coworker before. She said the longer you stay up working on a single thing, and the more time you put into it, it’ll surely stand out from others.”

Charles Alex Paltzer, NP3 Junior

“Personally, I find studying in groups with peers from my classes is actually one of the most fun things about school, and that is how I approach studying for a majority of my tests. And if I don’t have friends in whatever class, I end up asking people to hop on Facetime or Skype and it also serves as a nice way to meet new people. So you could say I like discussing the material learned from textbooks or in class as an effective study tip that lets me study for longer periods of time and remaining engaged.”

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