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NP3 Elementary Resumes In-Person Learning

By Akshaj Mehta
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Np3’s Elementary school welcomed kindergarten to second-grade students back to campus on March 8.

Kindergarten through second graders returned to campus on March 8. Third, fourth, fifth graders returned April 5.

There are multiple safety measures to ensure a safe return to campus, such as social distancing, requiring face masks, and having groups in class, according to the NP3 Reopening Plan.

Marcie Dart, NP3 Elementary School principal, explained the process of how students are learning in class.

“They are not on Chromebooks very often, but they are using it to project on the screen. From eight to 12 kids are at school, they start with a morning meeting/work and work with (English Language Arts) and math, we fit in P.E., and we can fit in some recess,” Dart said.

Physical Education also needed to be changed from what it was before.

“P.E. is pretty interesting, Mr. Jones is outside, using polydots they have a 6 foot box and individual skills in the box, aerobic exercises. They seem to love it, and as restrictions are lifted, soccer ball or throw a ball back on forth,” Dart explained.

NP3’s Executive Director Tom Rutten said every classroom room has been measure for 6 feet and medical-grade purifiers purchased.

The student experience is different in class.

“The students have been very enthusiastic about coming to school, very exhausted,” said Dart. They are not used to sitting in one spot, and the flexibility is gone that they had but so happy and engaged.”

Students are building up relationships with teachers again, according to Rutten.

“It’s about relationships and the value at NP3,” said Rutten about the first few weeks of in-person learning. “That first bit back is developing those relationships, and they won’t learn from people they don’t trust.”

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