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Teacher Profile: Victor Zerpa

By Isabella Bravo
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Victor Zerpa just started off his first year at NP3 High, teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry, having previously taught PE to sixth and seventh graders at NP3 Middle.

Zerpa said he knew he wanted to teach and he “loved the idea of not teaching in a classroom.” Zerpa began teaching in Atlanta 17 years ago as a PE teacher.

He’s always loved both math and physical activity, he describes himself as “math geek.”

Zerpa was a PE teacher in Atlanta before moving to Miami where he got his math credentials and started teaching math. He explained that every few years he changes jobs or moves somewhere new, sometimes by choice.

Zerpa also chose to move to Sacramento three years ago. After a couple years, he decided he wanted to be back in a math classroom. He claimed he was very excited to teach at NP3.

Zerpa is a fan of CrossFit, the high intensity fitness training. It’s a big hobby for him and he loves it because of its variety and the friends he’s made through it. He said he also enjoys hiking, camping, being with friends, traveling, being in new places, and experiencing new cultures and cuisines.

Zerpa said he likes to watch TV and is a binge watcher of some shows. He is a major Florida Gators’ fan.

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